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Tournament Trail

I'm taking my career to next level this year and looking forward to a full tour schedule. With local and regional events on the horizon, I'm going to be covering a lot of water and making my share of road-trips. You can follow me on tour by checking out my Tournament Trail page with my complete schedule along with updates in my blog. Check back often and I hope to see you out on the water.
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Let's Get It Started

Posted by chris on January 12, 2015

Sweet Summer Time

Posted by chris on August 27, 2014

March Recap

Posted by chris on March 31, 2014

March was a busy month for sure and was a great turning point for the season. I finished all three tournaments this month in the money.  We started the month on Hartwell and ended on Rayburn.  My tournament finishes this month are as follows:  the FLW Tournament on Hartwell I finished in 70th Place, the Rayovac Texas Series Tournament on Rayburn I finished in 20th Place and   the FLW Tournament on Sam Rayburn I finished in 43rd Place.  This has moved me up in the angler of the year standings to 78th for FLW and 51st for Rayovac.  Just got to have a strong finish in the few and we will be heading to South Carolina for the Forrest Wood Cup again!! 

 I am heading out this weekend to my favorite lake on the tour this year…BEAVER LAKE in Rogers, Arkansas.  Stay tuned for my next entry about Lake Beaver.